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Do we really need a broker?

The general answer if you are in business is "YES"... you do need a broker. There are exceptions to the rule though and you need to weigh up your own needs. Here is some information to help you answer that question.

What are the benefits of L&G?

There are many advantages to using L&G as your insurance broker including:

  • Independent Representation - We represent YOU, not the insurance companies! Our service, skills and experience are at your disposal for all aspects of your insurance needs. Our office is staffed long hours and we are happy to hear from you!
  • Coverage - We are familiar with and can access a wide variety of policies from a wide range of companies. We can determine the best policy for you! We are also familiar with the fine print and can weed out those policies that only pretend to offer you the cover you need.
  • Price - Shopping around is a time consuming process, even for a broker. Why waste your precious time when we are regularly researching the best cover for the best price? Our experience helps us to narrow down the options for a more detailed comparison.
  • Payment - Don't want a huge dent in your cash flow? Can't afford to pay all your insurance fees up front? We have built strong relationships with companies that specialize in payment plans so you can pay by installments with almost no extra effort.
  • Experience - We have experience with a range of insurance companies. We know some of their strengths and weaknesses and the best way to communicate with them. We know how well (or poorly) they have treated our customers in the past. We use our insurance experience to improve your insurance experience!
  • Instant Access - With our state of the art systems, you have direct, on-line access to your information, policies and history. Everything is at your fingertips.
  • Claims - In the unfortunate event that you suffer a loss we will mobilise our resources to advise you if claiming is in your best interest and to get your claim processed fast. Insurers are very good at paying claims but on occasions disputes can still arise. If this should happen to you we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, bringing to bear our experience, knowledge and skills.
  • Other needs - Besides the purchasing of insurance we can also work with you to assess & reduce risk, plan for your long term viability and recover from a disaster or loss.

What are the disadvantages of L&G?

There are some disadvantages to choosing L&G Insurance Brokers as your broker:

  • Honesty - We are honest... that is, we don't just tell you what you want to hear. If you want a broker that will encourage you to skimp on your coverage then you should look elsewhere. You may pay a little more in the short term for good cover but when you suffer a loss at least you won't be put out of business.
  • Ethics - We know that the right way in life isn't always the easiest way. We strive to make the extra effort and avoid "easy" shortcuts that might jeopardise our customers and our reputation.

"We have L&G as our Brokers for the past four years irrespective of the change in Insurance company. In any case the service levels are excellent and let us hope to keep the same in future."

Michael Philips

Vice President, An Automobile Company

If you have questions about insurance or the role of broker or any other Frequently Asked Questions then we would love for you to take the time to read what we have to say.
If you feel inspired by what you have seen on our site, and you feel that your talents would be right for our team, feel free to contact us. You can drop us a note using our Contact Form or just send us your resume to jobs (at)