Month: January 2022

Best Retirement Plans for Teachers

What are the Best Retirement Plans for Teachers?

Unlike corporate professionals, teachers need to plan their retirement differently. Having said that, overall for every form of profession, individuals need to plan what their retirement looks like in a way that suits their lifestyle.  Here we will look at what are the best retirement plans for teachers. What is Retirement Planning? The concept of […]

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Inflation Affect Retirement Planning

How Does Inflation Affect Retirement Planning?

The market is often uncertain and we might or might not always be able to predict what happens next. Take the great recession of 2007-08 for example. It was impossible to fathom the great fall and the repercussions of the same. People lost faith in the market and the prices of investments dropped massively.  Similarly, […]

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Benefits of Retirement Planning

How to Plan for Retirement in India?

In your youth, retirement may seem a distant thing to worry about. Yet, if you want to lead a comfortable and dignified retired life, financial planning is necessary. No matter what your ideal retirement looks like, be it a relaxed time at home with family and loved ones, or one of adventure and travel, it […]

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Why Retirement Planning is Important

12 Reasons: Why Retirement Planning is Important?

Securing our future at every stage is very important and there are plenty of ways to do that. We all watch our parents talk about why you must save money, or spending money on the right thing is important. We don’t end up realizing that when we are young, we realize these things once we […]

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