Month: January 2024

Exploring Cumulative Bonus in Health Insurance: Importance and Benefits

What is Cumulative Bonus in Health Insurance and Why You Should Know About It?

If you are a policyholder, it is important for you to understand a cumulative bonus. This bonus is an incentive provided by insurance companies to policyholders who do not file any claims during a policy year. Cumulative bonus encourages individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prioritize preventive measures, leading to fewer claims. Cumulative bonus […]

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Understanding Sum Insured in Health Insurance: Meaning, Importance, and Calculation

What Is Sum Insured in Health Insurance?

Understanding health insurance can be confusing, and one of the major important aspects to consider understanding in health insurance is the Sum Insured. But our experts at L&G can not only help you explore the meaning and significance of this term in detail. But our aim is also to provide you with the knowledge and […]

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