Top 12 Advantages of Reinsurance

Advantages of Reinsurance

Reinsurance is done when a certain insurance company wants to reduce its risk by sharing it with other insurance companies. Therefore, reinsurance is also termed as “insurance of insurance companies”. Companies achieve reinsurance by purchasing insurance policies from another company.

The central idea behind reinsurance is to minimize the burden on any single insurance company. At times, when a natural disaster or any other calamities strike, many of the policy holders will claim their policies. In order to pay so many policy holders, it is quite likely that an insurance company might go bankrupt. Henceforth, to avoid such grave risks insurance companies try to spread the risk among themselves.

Reinsurance empowers an individual company to serve clients whose coverage otherwise would have been unsustainable for the company to manage on its own. In case of reinsurance, the premium paid by the policy holder is usually shared by all the companies sharing the risk.

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12 Benefits of Reinsurance

Now you must have understood the significance of reinsurance for an insurance company; it is one of the most important management strategies that help shield them from bankruptcy and volatility. Besides this, reinsurance has many other benefits, continue reading to know what are these benefits and why they matter.

1. Reinsurance equips a company to take more clients:

The main benefit of reinsurance is to protect a company from insolvency. It ensures that insurance companies are able to make payment on all claims. This strengthens the company’s foundations and gives them the confidence to take on more risk and offer their services to even more clients.

2. Reinsurance reduces the burden of risk:

When an insurance company single-handedly insures a large number of clients, they take on a huge amount of risk. Reinsurance is an ideal strategy to minimize that risk, by placing some of the burden on a reinsurance company instead of shouldering the burden completely alone.

3. Reinsurance companies give invaluable advice:

When an individual needs insurance advice they can turn to an insurance company. But in case of an insurance firm which is new in business or hasn’t yet grown into a big organization; where can they go for advice? They can get sound insurance advice from reinsurance companies.

4. It safeguards from natural calamities and other disasters

At times, when a natural disaster or any other calamities strike, many of the policy holders will claim their policies. In order to pay many policy holders, it is quite likely that an insurance company might go bankrupt. In such scenarios, reinsurance can help reduce the financial stress on the insurer.

5. Provides stability during financial stress:

Even though, an insurance company is capable of paying a large number of claims made in a short period of time, paying out all of those claims may leave it in a dire financial situation and extremely unstable. Reinsurance helps keep insurance companies afloat during these troubling times.

6. Reinsurance stabilizes the cost of premium:

Reinsurance helps in stabilizing rates of premium. Usually, the premium rates are calculated on the basis of the losses experienced by the insurer in the past, due to the associated risk. Reinsurance takes all the previous risks into consideration and fixes the premium rate according to various types of risks under mutual agreement. Which results in stabilizing of premium rates.

7.  Reinsurance reduces competition among insurers:

As insurance companies rely on each other to minimize their risk, this cooperation leads to goodwill among each other in the industry. Henceforth, reinsurance helps to control competition and boost the morale of the employees in the insurance business.

8. Reinsurance helps in stabilizing profits:

Reinsurance stabilizes a company in all dimensions including profits earned by the insurance company. However, if the bigger risks are still retained by the original insurer, their profits can greatly suffer by big claims.

9. Reinsurance reduces the number of insurance policies a client needs to buy:

To enumerate, if a client wants to insure a very expensive property against any calamities and no individual company is capable of taking on such huge risk. In such a scenario, the client would have to approach multiple insurance companies on his own and enter into various individual insurance agreements on the same property. This involves considerable cost; loss of valuable time and it slows down the pace of protection cover.

Reinsurance helps the client avoid so many deals and he is required to buy only one policy from only one insurance company.

10. Reinsurance safeguards the Insurance funds:

The insurance funds of the insurer are well protected due to reinsurance. Additional security and peace of mind is an added advantage of reinsurance for the insurer and the company that offers the insurance.

11. Reinsurance is good for insurance business:

The biggest benefit of reinsurance is that it aids in the upliftment of insurance business. It enables every insurer to strengthen their insurance business as the total risk will be distributed among other reinsurers.

12. It’s a valuable investment:

Who better understands the value of insurance than the insurance companies themselves. Thus, insurance companies intuitively understand the importance of investing in insuring themselves and their reputation.


After studying the benefits of reinsurance one can understand the significant role reinsurance plays in bringing stability to an Insurance company as well as the overall insurance industry. To put it differently, reinsurance is the backbone of the insurance industry which keeps it from falling apart even though when the world is falling apart.

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