Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance: Now, bid a goodbye to all your business

All around us we see businesses, industries, local commercial establishments existing and running their operations in a planned and organised manner. However, one unfortunate occurrence happens and everything is thrown off the rails. This can put a lot of stress and strain on the business and cause stoppages, setbacks or legal liabilities. This is not a very pleasant situation to be in and hence many professionals choose to go for Commercial Insurance. In this way, they are prepared to face whatever that comes in their way and tackle the many uncertainties which are a part of running a business. At Life & General Insurance, we employ our extensive Commercial Insurance Broker experience and help organisations across various sectors run their business in a carefree and confident manner.

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial Insurance is a special category of insurance which is meant for businesses and commercial enterprises and helps them stay protected in case of any unplanned events. These unplanned events can range from situations such as loss of property, third-party liabilities, theft, employee damages, natural calamities and everything that’s included under the scope of your policy. Life & General Insurance has earned its reputation as one of the most credible Commercial Insurance Brokers in India and has successfully guided people in the efforts to safeguard their interests.

Commercial Insurance policy has different kinds of plans for various requirements under its ambit and based on the nature of your business, you can decide which plan is best suited to your needs.

Let’s have a look at some of the types of Commercial Insurance and what all they cover.

Transit insurance: This type of policy covers you in case of loss or damages to goods/consignment during transportation.

Shopkeepers’ insurance: Shopkeepers’ insurance provides cover to small and medium business owners in case of personal accidents, theft, fire and other liabilities that may be included.

Property insurance: Any damage or loss to the commercial property/properties is included under this insurance.

Automobile insurance: Losses or damages on account of commercial trucks, vans engaged in business activities are covered here.

Directors liability insurance: In this case, any liability arising due to misconduct at the office by directors or senior personnel is covered.

Plant and machinery insurance: Heavy equipment used in industries such as construction, manufacturing are protected under plant and machinery insurance.

Why Do You Need Commercial Insurance?

If you are running a business, you can’t do away with Commercial Insurance. It is one of the most important aspects of your risk management strategy and as Commercial Insurance Brokers with a ton of experience and expertise, we always advise our clients to have a Commercial Insurance plan in place. It protects your company’s assets from any unforeseen losses and safeguards you from any liabilities, arising due to accidents at work, towards your employees or third-parties. Besides, when you have an insurance plan backing you, you can, without any stress, focus on expansion and core activities of your business.

Get Your Commercial Insurance Quote Now!

As we have explained in the above sections, Commercial Insurance is a must-have ingredient for running a stable and steady business. Things can go wrong inspite of highest level of planning and since there are so many things at stake, getting a Commercial Insurance policy is one of the smartest business decisions you can make. Our highly knowledgeable team at Life & General Insurance, a trusted Commercial Insurance Broking Firm in India, helps you understand the minutest details of your policy and craft a plan which will offer you complete peace of mind. To know more on how we can help you or to get a quote, fill out the contact form here.