Family Health Insurance Broker

Family Health Insurance Broker

Family Health Insurance: Safeguard the ones you love

Like they rightly say- health is true wealth. And the well-being of your people matters to you the most. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take care of your dear ones under a single plan! The best way to do it is through Family Health Insurance plan. Family Health Insurance, unlike individual health insurance plans, allows you to cover your family members under a single policy and we, as one of the foremost Family Health Insurance Brokers, help you deal with the uncertainties that life may throw your way.

What is Family Health Insurance?

Basically, Family Health Insurance is like a group health insurance plan for all the members of your family. Under this plan, you can insure all members of your family for a single sum by paying a single annual premium. Here, you have the flexibility to add new members to the plan by paying additional premium. Family Health Insurance Brokers can play an important role to guide you in regard to benefits that your policy provides and help you choose the plan best suited to your needs.

As Family Health Insurance Brokers with vast experience, our expert team at Life & General Insurance works with you at every step and make your insurance-owning journey a smooth one. Have the convenience of securing the health of your spouse, children and parents through a single Family Health Insurance plan.

Why Do You Need Family Health Insurance?

There are a bunch of unique advantages which make having a Family Health Insurance plan an absolute must.

Let’s look at what they are.

Affordable Premium: When it comes to Family Health Insurance plan, you can avail protection for all members of your family through a single policy and hence the premium you pay is mostly less than what you would shell out for individual health insurance plans.

Additional Benefits: Family Health Insurance plan allows you to avail additional benefits such as critical illness cover or cover for new-born/maternity cover can be conveniently added to your current Family Health Insurance plan.

Easy Hospitalisation: In case of emergencies which require medical attention for all family members, Family Health Insurance plan offers easy hospitalisation facility at the network hospitals.

Insure New Members: With Family Health Insurance policy, you don’t need to buy a fresh insurance plan every time you want to add a new member. This can be simply done by registering the new member and paying the additional premium.

Tax Benefits: Section 80D of Indian Income Tax Act states that one can avail tax exemptions on premiums you pay for health insurance. So, with Family Health Insurance, you can take advantage of this provision.

Get Your Family Health Insurance Quote Now!

Once you know that the people you love and the ones that are close to you have the best protection out there, you can be at ease. Family Health Insurance policy is a great way to ensure that your family receives an excellent medical care they deserve. As leading Family Health Insurance Brokers, Life & General Insurance has helped people deal with the many uncertainties of life and lead a stress-free life. To know more or to get a quote, fill out the contact form here.