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Hotel Insurance: a secured business is a steady business

Hospitality and service industry has been around since a long time. It’s a business which operates in a unique way and hence has its unique requirements. There are many stakeholders involved such as employees, customers, vendors, technicians, contractual workers and it is imperative that you protect your enterprise from all unforeseen circumstances, whether natural or man-made. Thoroughly experienced in this domain, we are amongst the highly-regarded Hotel Insurance Brokers and help you navigate the challenges that come with running a hotel business.

What is Hotel Insurance?

Hotel Insurance is a special kind of insurance which protects hotels/restaurants/cafes/resorts/guest houses from risks that may arise as a part of daily operations. There are several factors involved such as damage to property, equipment; liability towards workers, guests and other third parties and Hotel Insurance policy offers protection against all these untoward incidents.

The scope of Hotel Insurance plan can be pretty comprehensive and hence seasoned Hotel Insurance Brokers like us assist you in understanding every small detail so that you can manage your business in a foolproof manner. While you can always customise your Hotel Insurance plan according to your requirements, there are some basic covers that your policy offers.

Let’s see what they are.

Burglary: Cover in case of events like burglary, housebreaking or holdup including robbery.

Money in safe and money in transit: Offers protection in case of loss of money kept securely in the insured premises or during transit or transfer.

Electronic and portable equipment: Physical damages or loss of electronic equipment such as printers, computers, fax machines etc. and portable equipment such as laptops etc. are also covered.

Fidelity guarantee: Provides protection from financial loss against events such as fraud or dishonesty committed by employees.

Plate glass and neon signs: Hotel Insurance policy also covers any damages to plate glass or neon signage in the insured premises due to accidental means.

Personal accident: Incidents such as death or disability caused to employees are also included.

Workmen’s compensation: In case of bodily injury or death of your employees during the course of their employment, Hotel Insurance policy offers cover to the insured for their liability to pay any compensation as an employer.

Baggage: Loss or damage to the personal baggage of the insured is covered under the policy.

Machinery breakdown: This includes sudden or unforeseen physical damage due to electronic or mechanical breakdown of ACs, refrigerators etc.

Why Do You Need Hotel Insurance?

As mentioned earlier, the requirements and needs of hospitality industry are different and unique. For example, damages to boiler & pressure plant, plate glass are exclusive situations and Hotel Insurance policy offers you protection in case of such mishaps. Your liability also extends to your staff & guests and in case of any unforeseen events, Hotel Insurance policy ensures that you’re adequately covered. With a strong portfolio of clients, Life & General Insurance remains one of the most sought-after Hotel Insurance Brokers in the industry and are determined to assist you to manage your hospitality business in the most efficient manner.

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Hotels, restaurants, resorts, tourist lodges are a major contributor to the nation’s economy. To encourage more and more entrepreneurs to engage in these activities, there are a whole range of provisions and Hotel Insurance, probably, is amongst the leading drivers of this business. So, if you are a hotel owner or plan on starting a hospitality enterprise, look no further. Life & General Insurance is Hotel Insurance Broker with complete gamut of services, right from buying insurance to claims settlement. To know more or to get a quote, fill out the contact form here.