Media Insurance Broker

Media Insurance Broker

Media Insurance: Your efforts meet our promise

Media industry has undergone a major shift since the time it came into being. Today, the way we consume news and entertainment, is a big contrast as compared to yesteryear. It has turned more sophisticated, the scale has become global and the risks have multiplied. As more and more people get involved in the production process and the reach gets widened due to explosion of the internet, the business has transformed a great deal. Consequently, a new concept has been catching up in popularity locally, which is Media Insurance. Usually a practice followed in the western countries, Indian companies have been integrating Media Insurance as a part of their business operations. Amidst these changing times, Life & General Insurance, who are regarded as one of the leading Media Insurance Brokers, has been assisting its clients in safeguarding everything that matters to them.

What is Media Insurance?

In this section, let us try to understand what Media Insurance is and how it can benefit you as a media company. As a part of the business, there are several risks which may cause financial damages, loss of life or injury, damage to the brand’s reputation and a lot more. Media Insurance offers protection against these risks and that’s why more and more production houses, multimedia companies are opting for this kind of cover. We are one of the noted Media Insurance Brokers in India and with the help of the technical acumen that we’ve amassed over these twenty years, we have assisted big names in the industry to protect what’s valuable to them.

Under Media Insurance, there are a different kinds of cover that are available and based on the risk assessment and needs, adequate cover can be chosen.

One by one, let’s understand the clauses that are included in your Media Insurance policy.

Cast insurance: The actors, directors, important technicians are an integral part of any project and in case of illness, death, kidnapping, injury to any of them, cast insurance covers for the losses.

Negative film and video tape: This covers losses arising due to damages to raw film, exposed film, cutting copies, video tape, working prints, tape stock, matrices.

Money insurance: Mishaps can occur during transit of cash between shoot locations, cash kept at the shoot site, financial fraud by the authorised person of the insured. In such cases, you can file a claim under money insurance.

Public liability: The costs incurred due to loss or damages to public or their property are included under public liability insurance. This also includes the legal fees that the insured party pays, during its successful defence against suits, summons etc.

Why Do You Need Media Insurance?

As the industry grows and gets more globalised, big media houses are spreading their operations to every corner of the world. Naturally, the costs and the risks associated are getting bigger. There are many things that can go wrong such as major defamation suits, accidents at the location, shoots being stalled due to unavoidable reasons, damages to the production unit and many more. Along with a mammoth amount of money riding on the projects, there is safety of the production members at stake. To shield yourself from all these uncertainties, it is important that you get Media Insurance. Life & General Insurance is one of the leading Media Insurance Brokers in India and it’s always been our endeavour to offer our media clients, a comprehensive protection plan, which will keep them safe in any circumstances.

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As media evolves, the needs of the clients are changing, too. That’s why, our focus has been to address the multimedia nature of the business and include covers which would suit your requirements to a T. As one of the foremost Media Insurance Brokers in India, you can count on us to offer you our top-notch expertise and excellent customer-service. To know more on how we can help you or to get a quote, fill out the contact form here.